We have developed a method for creating arc flash safe workplaces. The method consists of a number of steps from pre-study to implementation. The goal is to minimize by installation analysis, risk mitigation and visualization using signs and warning markings. In addition, we develop organizational demands and aids such routines for personal protective equipment and risk management methods. To gain a deepened understanding of the arc flash hazard and safe behaviours by the employers we conduct information campaigns, training and safety briefings and practical exercises.

A large percentage of electrical accidents occurs at the workplace and it is current flowing through the body which it the majority of these. It is also current flowing through the body which has gotten the most attention when it comes to safety work.

Each year there is however a number of workplace accident caused by arc flashes leading to severe burns and permanent injuries for the worker. Accidents can also lead to catastrophic consequences for the company resulting in criminal justice prosecution, damaged reputation and civil claims for damages.

A step in the right direction is personal protective equipment in the form of arc flash tested clothing along with face and hand protection. That lessens the impact of an arc flash, but it is still a serious incident and protective equipment is not enough. It is about time to pursue a holistic approach to the arc flash hazard and create arc flash safe workplaces.

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